Good People places doctors from all over the world in The United Kingdom and Ireland. We have offices in both countries with a team of over 10 people dedicated to helping doctors and nurses find the right job. Whether you want to earn an extra bit of income, make a positive difference in a specific community, or just change things up, we have the job for you.

United Kingdom is the biggest employers of doctors, with the highest amount of jobs available in Manchester and London. Not surprisingly, these cities also have the highest doctor shortages so there is plenty of longer-term locum work if that's what you prefer. Ireland on the other hand not only have a large amount both locum and permanent jobs in the major cities, but also have more regional and remote locations to offer.

GoodPeople offers creative solutions to assist you in overcoming the challenges you may meet when requiring;

  • internal or agency staffing
  • short notice emergency cover to support staff
  • absence/ holiday cover
  • medium to long term contracts.
  • Staff availble in Healthcare, IT, Retail and Housekeeping