As a healthcare professional you are helping others and changing lives; you are the frontline heroes against covid-19 and other diseases affecting humanity. At Minana International, we encourage you to be the best version of yourself.
Below are some tips and activities to help you improve your English and continue your exciting journey to an international career. Choose FIVE challenges to do every week to Improve your English.

Be prepared, stay focused and stay confident.


  • Choose any English word and use it in a sentence today
  • Record yourself on your phone talking about your day (what you ate for lunch, 3 things you feel grateful for), then listen to yourself and repeat.
  • Talk to a friend or family member in English


  • Buy or borrow an English book or e-book and read at least 3 pages everyday
  • Change the language settings on your phone to English
  • Put stickers around your home in places you frequently go (the fridge, the TV, the front door) with English words you are trying to learn from something you read recently.


  • At the end of every day write down what you did. Example: Where you went, what you ate, who you spoke to.
  • Keep a notebook or use your phone to write down all the new words you are using and their meanings
  • Use English when communicating with friends or colleagues through social media messages.


  • Listen to and learn your favourite English song [Just like a Pill – Pink; Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor Doctor) – Robert Palmer; Love is the Drug – Roxy Music]
  • Watch an episode of TV shows ER, Gray’s Anatomy or House in English – maybe switch on the subtitles
  • Subscribe to the OET YouTube channel

All Skills

  • Catch up on the English words and phrases that are trending right now!
  • Pick a topic and learn new vocabulary… in just six minutes
  • Practise discussing difficult topics with patients