Working as a Healthcare Assistant in Ireland

As a Healthcare Assistant in Ireland, you will be responsible for providing assistance and support to other medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and midwives. The role of an HCA is to provide care to patients and help them with their daily activities. You will be expected to complete various tasks such as feeding and washing patients, assisting with blood or urine tests, and monitoring their condition by taking pulse and temperature.

The duties of a Healthcare Assistant vary depending on where you work. For example, in a hospital, daily tasks include making beds, helping patients go to the bathroom, serving meals and helping to feed patients, and assisting patients when they want to move around. If you work in a doctor’s surgery, the role involves performing health checks, processing lab samples, sterilizing equipment, restocking consulting rooms, and taking a patient’s blood samples.

There is no shortage of healthcare assistant jobs in Ireland. As our population ages, there are more care assistant jobs to help seniors than ever before. 

If you are interested in pursuing this career path, you can check out the Healthcare Assistant Job Description on our website https://goodpeople.ie/career/healthcare-assistant or send your CV and covering letter expressing your interest by email at hr@goodpoeple.ie